Non emergency cases

For Non-emergency cases:

  1. Obtain appointment from 040-4959 4959 (8:00 am – 8:00 pm)
  2. Bring all old records including angiogram CDs
  3. Enlist the health issues for which you expect solutions
  4. Bring all medications with you that you are currently taking
  5. Notify the doctor of any drug allergies you have
  6. Bring your attendant along with you who can aid in decision making
  7. Bring your insurance cards and have clarity on your reimbursement options
  8. Write notes – you are welcome to audio record the consultation

How to reach the OPD?

Cardiology OPD is located at the second floor. Please access the hospital from the main road entrance on Satyam theatre lane, Ameerpet.

Where can I get the investigations done?

Investigations will be performed at level 1 of West wing.
Aster Prime hospital has the entire gamut of investigations needed under one roof. Laboratory reports at Aster Prime are accurate as the laboratory is NABL and NABH accredited. The laboratory credits itself with a short reports delivery time.

Major advantage of investigations at Aster Prime is the reports can be reviewed on the same day (Promise we stand for!). No need for repeat hospital visits, fresh appointment, additional waiting time.

How much time I need to devote for the consultation?

Expect that you may have to take leave for at least half day. We promise that we complete the workup of more than 99% cases in a single day including cath lab tests. One saves a lot by avoiding multiple hospital visits.


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