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Have you been turned down for Angioplasty or Bypass Surgery?

We offer you a solution CHIP Angioplasty

Patients with heart vessels blocks and other medical issues are common now a day. They are turned down for bypass surgery or angioplasty because they are considered too high risk. Left without options these patients suffer from worsening chest pain, breathlessness, heart failure and worsening kidney function.

CHIP Angioplasty is a Complex High Risk Indicated PCI

Dr. C Raghu and the team has a tailor-made solution for each patient after careful consideration of multiple patient characteristics and plan for a foolproof solution. With the experience of performing angioplasty procedures over the past 2 decades, CHIP angioplasty is one of their fortes.

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Who are these High-Risk Patients that are candidates for CHIP Angioplasty?

  • Advanced age
  • Kidney failure
  • Stroke with disability and narrowing of blood vessels supplying the brain
  • Location of CAD including left main or bifurcated disease
  • Challenging plague types including calcified or long lesions
  • Coronary artery chronic total occlusion (CTO)
  • Previous open heart surgery
  • Advanced heart failure

What are the consequences of not treating these patients?

In a study from the USA, it was found that 25% of patients who have been advised bypass surgery (CABG) are turned down because they belong to the CHIP subset.  Those who don’t undergo surgery are considered not suitable for angioplasty also. These patients continue to suffer and have 6 times higher mortality.

For patients with heart failure, in another study from the USA has been observed that very few undergo angiography and angioplasty, as they are considered high risk. But these are the patients where the procedure can be highly rewarding. These cases are not attempted at all centres because these cases need a special skill set by an Interventional cardiologist.

These are the patients who carry a high risk for a procedural intervention and a higher reward as an outcome of the procedure. Interventional Cardiologists with a special skill set ate needed to tackle this complex subset of patients.

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How can Dr Raghu and the team ensure CHIP angioplasty result?

  • Expertise:

    Dr Raghu has 22-year experience in angioplasty having performed to date 1500 CHIP angioplasty procedures. Awarded the best young Interventional cardiologist for the year 2007 at Singapore Live based on a competitive evaluation of angioplasty performed.

Adept in Chronic Total Occlusion angioplasty using antegrade and retrograde techniques. Awarded the Andreas Gruntzig award for the best CTO angioplasty for the year 2016.

  • Technology:

    CHIP angioplasty needs high-end technology such as Intra Vascular Ultrasound to study the plaque in detail, is to assess the significance of each lesion, Rotablator for shaving of hardened plaque from vessel surface.

  • Protected percutaneous coronary intervention:

High-risk CAD patients that have also been diagnosed with advanced heart failure and/or severe heart valve disease are particularly vulnerable during the CHIP procedure due to a weakened heart muscle that compromises blood pressure and cannot pump blood efficiently to the body. Dr C Raghu team offer catheter-based devices, like ventricular assist devices, to be used during CHIP to provide temporary support to the heart. This procedure is referred to as protected PCI

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